The Art of Painting

Several years ago we commissioned a painting of our, then, three dogs. Michael Steddum did a wonderful painting of Tempête, Breeze and Lia. He also fell in love with Tempête’s picture and produced this beautiful watercolor .

Michael Steddum painting of Tempête

Michael Steddum painting of Tempête

Tempere head











This summer Michael is painting Ciara from this picture :

Ciara MS2014small

and you can follow the development of her painting on his blog:

we cannot wait to see the finished product!   Keep an eye on his blog !


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Enjoy the summer !

Hannah came for a visit this week and her mom and I talked about the fun of ‘working’ with our furry kids; Hannah sent me pictures , this one was my favorite !

Hannah jump

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Sofie texted Louie on the week end !

Here are two pictures of me in the canoe today. I had a great time and the weather was great. I was looking for squirrels on both sides of the canoe and didn’t see any, dad kept calling me Tippy and told me to sit still. Oh well, I kept us both safe from any possible squirrels.
Lotsa licks,

Awg! Lucky girl ! Mom was planting her garden this week end so we watched her, lay in the yard and eat grass and sleep in the hammock; I have to visit to see what a squirrel is  Sadie also said she love chasing them in the country, here we only have pheasants and foxes and the occasional deer but we love chasing the crows; mom says there is an eagle nest .  Well live in the city looks pretty amazing !

Love Bro

Five Mile lake Jun 2014 2


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Why do I seem so quiet these days ?

Sometimes we have a burst of news and , as it is the case lately, I seem very quiet.  That does not mean that we are quiet !

It is time to set the garden into production , and with the good weather it brings along a lot of work; the garden is slowly coming to life with the garlic signaling happily that spring is here, rows of vegetables have been sown and my 60 tomato plants are getting acclimatized and will soon head for the garden.

But that does not take all of my time!  About a year ago I started ” going back to school” and went back to my first love of biology.  These days I am taking courses in epigenetic which, depending on your take, can be fascinating and addictive – or totally boring and gibberish !  for the curious here is a short video, explaining what epigenetic is and how it explains coat colour in calico cats and why they are almost always female!

Next week I should also outline our plans for the next litter…….  you will not be disappointed !

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Brag Time !

Results came out today announcing the top dogs in Rally Obedience and who do I see ?

Lia GrCh Dinsdale Champagne Celebration RN,CGN  finished 3rd amongst all schnauzers in conformation in limited showing AND finished 5th schnauzer in Rally Obedience,  the only schnauzer placing in the top 5 in Canada in both conformation and a performance event.  Way to go girl !

GR 2 Lia-cr

Lia will continue to compete in Rally obedience this summer after a well deserved rest !







Not to be outdone , Elite Ch Champagne Rulander Sweet Louie, Louie received his Elite Champion certificate from the  CFC organizing European format judging shows and Louie place third in the group earning some very good commentaries from all judges !

Louie CANS GR 3 297

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