Why do I seem so quiet these days ?

Sometimes we have a burst of news and , as it is the case lately, I seem very quiet.  That does not mean that we are quiet !

It is time to set the garden into production , and with the good weather it brings along a lot of work; the garden is slowly coming to life with the garlic signaling happily that spring is here, rows of vegetables have been sown and my 60 tomato plants are getting acclimatized and will soon head for the garden.

But that does not take all of my time!  About a year ago I started ” going back to school” and went back to my first love of biology.  These days I am taking courses in epigenetic which, depending on your take, can be fascinating and addictive – or totally boring and gibberish !  for the curious here is a short video, explaining what epigenetic is and how it explains coat colour in calico cats and why they are almost always female!


Next week I should also outline our plans for the next litter…….  you will not be disappointed !

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