Ch Champagne Ruländer Sweet Louie

Louie is the boy we kept form the litter of Ciara and Topher.

Louie is sweet, affectionate, clownish and loves life !

Louie 021 ducks


Louie is still maturing, and we expect him to grow into a nice young man.

He first caught my attention when Carol Henning came from Colorado to help evaluate the litter, and after grooming all the puppies, we started taking pictures to better see them side by side; Louie took my breath away when I raised the camera and looked at him ! 2011 12 03_0271 2011 12 03_0278





Louie is our boy from the Ciara X Topher litter. This was an exceptional litter sired by CHRumor’s Look at da Man , of the ten puppies in this litter,  five were shown in conformation, three in Canada and two in the US.

In Canada

CH Champagne Sweet Louie, Louie

CH Champagne Sofie, Sofie, and

Ch Champagne Troken, Bruno

In the US:  AMCh Champagne Rumor’s of PerlRiesling, Reese