The Breed

The Standard Schnauzer is the original schnauzer and the breed goes back several hundred years.  Originating in Germany, the Schnauzer was an all around farm dog, keeping the barn free of pests, herding the stock and guarding the farmer’s cart when going to market; it also served as the family watchdog, guarding the property and its occupants.   To perform in these functions, the Schnauzer was encouraged to be an independent thinker and to be suspicious of strangers.

Although few dogs perform this role today, they have retained their sharp intelligence, stubborness and great enthousiasm for work related activities.

A truly medium size dog, 18 to 20 inches weighing 35-48 pounds, the Standard schnauzer is a robust dog.  It is strong and muscular with a deep bark that will not go unnoticed !  They can be long lived, 12 to 15 years and it is a healthy breed having few health or genetic issues.

Owning a Standard Schnauzer requires committment; this is a high energy companion ready to take on whatever activity you will undertake.  Whether you are a walker, a hiker, a swimmer they will be with you.

The Canadian breed standard can be found here: Breed standard

The American Standard Schnauzer Club has interesting reading on the breed, check it out !


If you are considering a standard schnauzer for the first time, make sure you talk with the breeders to get a full measure of this breed !