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Little faces !

This week I took a number of cute pictures, while they are not 3 weeks old yet they are becomming little dogs in their own right ! Can you find all ten of them?  Have a good look the entire … Continue reading

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Two weeks already !

Ciara’s puppies were two weeks old yesterday !  Although there is a morning ritual where the blankets get changed, puppies get weighed and examined, collars adjusted; on a birthday day, we also have to add nail clipping ! Everyone get … Continue reading

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We are a week old !

Ciara’s puppies are one week old ! Everyone is progressing well gaining weight everyday !  Ciara is in seveth heaven as she is presented with endless meals with treats, of course this week being thanksgiving she has had her share … Continue reading

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La pouponnière de Ciara

  Ciara  ( prononcer Kira) est notre petite fille qui a un nom Gaelic puisqu’elle est née le 17 mars !   Cet été elle a été accouplée avec Topher qui demeure a Denver au Colorado.  Avec les merveille de … Continue reading

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Ciara’s Nursery

Born to Ciara and Topher on October 7th,  4 males and 6 females ! Très pregnant ! Here is Ciara just before leaving for the hospital to deliver her babies, she was very big !        

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