Little faces !

This week I took a number of cute pictures, while they are not 3 weeks old yet they are becomming little dogs in their own right !

Can you find all ten of them?  Have a good look the entire family is on that picture ! ( double click on the picture to get a larger version )

Where's Waldo !

Sometimes when Ciara gets in the whelping box after a little time out she litterally disapears under the assault of hungry mouthes !





To change their bedding, I now put all of them out on a blanket, well they come out on the blanket !  It takes no time at all for them to scatter all over even on the slippery wooden floor !



Let's Go See !

Here they are seconds before they decided to go explore ther room.  We now have to put the half door in as they can climb out of the box!

Out we go !

 They now see and hear me, so we can make noises to have them look up and give us precious little poses.                                     

After exploring the rest of the room we are back home in our new clean bedding !

Back Home


Ciara trying to contain the flood !

  Ciara is still cleaning each and everyone of her pups.  She will continue to do so as long as I do not interfere by feedint them myself.  At that point I will get the ‘look’ saying, “you want to feed then, then you clean them”; then the games begin! 
Here we are having a time before mom comes to feed us !

All 10 of them

Total Bliss

After a good feed, there is nothing like a good rest !
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