Two weeks already !

Ciara’s puppies were two weeks old yesterday !  Although there is a morning ritual where the blankets get changed, puppies get weighed and examined, collars adjusted; on a birthday day, we also have to add nail clipping !

Everyone get a nail clip, every week.  Those little nails grow fast and as the puppies brace themselves on mom when feeding, it can get uncomfortable for Ciara to be stabbed by all these little sharp nails.  A nail clipping involves cutting 180 nails !!

We also took everybody’s picture as their eyes started to open and almost everyone is walking on all four legs.  It is funny to see them take a few steps and loose their balance and roll off!  Undeterred, they right themselves and carry on !

The Party is on

These puppies are very animated, so trying to get a picture of a line up of all of them is nearly impossible.  So here they are in groupings!

Mr Blue, Neon, Green & Navy

Here are the boys ! 

for those following them from the start, Mr Brown is now Mr Navy and Mr Black is now Mr Neon .  The little velcro collars were neat but.. you need to wash them and I cannot see the collar on most of the pictures !       

Mr Blue

 Here is Mr Blue with his cute face and big eyes to see the world !   








Formerly Mr Black, now Mr Neon this little guy is the darkest of the lot.  As you can see on the group picture.  Mr Neon looks a little sleepy because I took advantage of  the fact they had just finished nursing and were a little less wiggly !

Mr Neon





Mr Green




Mr Green doing push ups !


Mr Navy






Sleepy Mr Navy

 And Mr Navy… looks like he partied too much !





 And the Girls:

Ms Purple, Red & Yellow


Here are three of the girls! within a fraction of a second, they were all scattered!





Ms Purple

Ms Purple gives me the look before she ran away !

Ms Red
Ms Red is too sleepy to move !

Ms Yellow

Ms Yellow looking like these photo shoots are just too tiring !

Ms White,Orange & Pink


Ms White

 Ms White on the move !

Ms Orange

Ms Orange is not into bright lights ! But her eyes are open too !

Ms Pink

And Ms Pink who also gave us the big yawn for the feature photo !
On the move

Here they are scattering all over.  Soon we should be able to show picture of the escape artists in action !

See you next week !  


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