We are a week old !

Smilling Mom

Ciara’s puppies are one week old ! Everyone is progressing well gaining weight everyday !  Ciara is in seveth heaven as she is presented with endless meals with treats, of course this week being thanksgiving she has had her share of turkey and pumpkin;  the little ones are like little pirhannas in a feeding frenzie! What is most comical is the concert that goes along with the feeding activities, they all make little happy noises as they are feeding, voicing their approval of mom’s tasty milk ! 
Here are their ‘official’ portrait of week one. 
First the Girls

Here are MS Purple, Red and Yellow

Ms Red .


Ms Yellow

Ms White


MS Orange White & Pink


MS Orange


Ms Pink



MS Purple

And the Boys: 

Mr Brown & Mr Black



Mr Black


Mr Brown


Mr Blue and Mr Green


Mr Blue


Mr Green

Here is Ciara with the 10 little mice all sound asleep !

11 sleepy heads

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