Sofie texted Louie on the week end !

Here are two pictures of me in the canoe today. I had a great time and the weather was great. I was looking for squirrels on both sides of the canoe and didn’t see any, dad kept calling me Tippy and told me to sit still. Oh well, I kept us both safe from any possible squirrels.
Lotsa licks,

Awg! Lucky girl ! Mom was planting her garden this week end so we watched her, lay in the yard and eat grass and sleep in the hammock; I have to visit to see what a squirrel is  Sadie also said she love chasing them in the country, here we only have pheasants and foxes and the occasional deer but we love chasing the crows; mom says there is an eagle nest .  Well live in the city looks pretty amazing !

Love Bro

Five Mile lake Jun 2014 2


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