Will winter ever end ??

This past week has seen everything !  Beautiful sunny days and 10°C, green grass sprouting, I have not looked but likely the garlic might have thought this was it  too.

Then on wednesday the skies opened and 50 cm of snow covered everything to add good measure lets add some hurricane force winds.  What a mess!  Well, it has been raining for 2 days now, it has all gone away and we will pretend, once more that spring is coming !!








In the meantime I have been busy… studying;  the dogs happily find their sweet spot, slip into a  semi comatose state until some extraordinary event, like a pheasant crossing the yard, pulls them out of their stupor!

Louie sleepBreeze & LiaBreeze and Lia snug on they pillow and Louie in his favorite position ???


On the week end I also met a very famous person!   Dr Jean Dodds whose work in the area of thyroid gland issues and vaccines is recognized world wide.  She spent 2 days in Halifax sharing her knowledge! Jean DoddsShe is truly passionate and enthusiastic about her work.  She graduated in 1964 from the Ontario Veterinary College !  Happy anniversary !


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