Easter week end fishing

We received this lovely note from Sofie along with pictures of her week end!  ( Check out Louie’s reply !)


Spring is here and so is fishing season.

Here is a picture of me (Sofie) and another of me and a friend, Abby. She gets to hike with me time to time. We get along really well, chasing each other in the woods and enjoying quiet time when dad fishes. Everyone has a 7+ kilometer that day and for 2 other days of the Easter Weekend. Dad didn’t take pictures of the other days. For some reason Dad didn’t get any fish, maybe they were too busy running away from the fur balls wading in the lake? Oh well, we all had fun and lots of fresh air.

Love Sofie “”Sofie fishing

Louie replied:

“”Hello Sofie,

looks like you had a fun week end  with your friend and dad.  I went to a show with mom, met all kinds of dogs and people and some of them petted me senseless !!!!  People at the show remember you and said I am starting to run as nicely as you did .  You made a lasting impression!

I had lots of treats ( the only reason why I put up with this show business !)  and mom was really happy with me, the German lady judge even thanked her for bringing her an all natural dog! ; I will show you my picture when it arrives.

In the meantime mom said she will put you on the cover of the website,

love, your bro Louie””

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