Happy St Patrick’s day !

2009 03 19 016


Today 5 years ago, Lia started her labour just an hour after I had left for a meeting in Toronto; I was about an hour and a half away .  I quickly dealt with the meeting and drove back, my girl had delivered 2 boys and a girl and we knew there were two more to come.  As my friend went to the vet to get some oxytocin, Lia had a big contraction and here was Ciara, being born feet first in my hand.  After we quickly cleaned her up and weight her and put on a dandy little purple collar, Lia looked after her.  But Lia was exhausted and had decided that she was done, and knowing that there was still another puppy we brought her to the vet where she delivered big boy Beamish.  it does not seem so long ago and Ciara is still my little girl with soulful eyes!

ciara bday11Ciara

Momma to be Ciara


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