Last month we were looking forward to Lia much anticipated breeding with Schweitzer and we were spending a quiet month waiting to confirm the pregnancy by ultrasound.  Unfortunately mother nature had other design; Lia was pregnant but a puppy died and instead of simply being reabsorbed as it would normally occur, it became toxic and provoked a miscarriage.  Lia got very sick very quickly and we were very worried about her. After much anguish and a delicate surgery, Lia is recuperating and although heartbroken, she is doing better every day.  She even started going for her walks again today.

Here is Lia, a little fuzzy sporting her very elegant IV shunt bandaged with a little fire hydrant clip. A pregnancy is always a voyage of hope and anticipated joy, and very seldom does it lead to heartbreak for both us and Lia.  She grieves the loss of her puppies and I am still sometimes surprised by the intensity of their emotions.  She has a good cry now and again, but time will heal her.  Hopefully her daughter will have babies soon and she will be able to be a second mom to them.

For everyone who were expecting a puppy, we will soon put information on the next breeding .

Lia surgery

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