Going Home!

As I had mentioned before, time goes too fast with puppies, you have waited for the mom to come in season, have done the breeding, waited to see if we were pregnant and finally the day came when they were born.  From the moment you hold these little puppies they make you smile and they fill your day.  But then the wait continues for the families, first they get to see the pictures and then the moment comes when they can come and visit their little one , time is at a standstill!  And then the day comes when the families come to get their little man, it is a most happy day that most of us remember for a long long time ! For us, although we know they will be going, is a day of mixed feelings; you hope that you choose the right homes where the puppies will be happy and make people happy and you share in their joy when they finally take their precious little man home, but it leaves our house feeling empty, at least for a few days, as they were such a big part of our lives for the last two months.

Here is a few pictures we did for Charlie’s and Pepper’s going home books.



and Pepper with mom

Pepper & mom2

Pepper & Mom

and Charlie


Charlie with mom

Charlie & mom Charlie & mom2

Join us next week for a fun look at the Bloopers !


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