Bloopers !


I often get comments on the pictures that get posted on the blog and on the site in general. For those who indulge in photography, you know that these pictures are often the 5 or 6 out of… 250 shots!  More often than not, specially with dogs or puppies, the subject is long gone or will not ‘stay’ for any length of time to let you take a good shot, so to mitigate this you have to shoot away and sort out the ‘good’ one.  This is often a long and tedious task to find the good angle and then to crop the picture properly.  I have to habit of not deleting every bad shot so sometimes in looking back there are a few funny ones.

Ciara eyesLike this one of Ciara when the pups were just born, looking ‘oriental’ . Ciara is a hard one to take pictures of as she blinks like I have never seen a dog blink before; I treasure the pictures of her with her eyes open !

Sometimes they are just plain funny like Pepper who seems to be pulling his tongue at me!


And those cute pictures with mom ! Well it took two sessions and many, many pictures ….

DSC_9997_edited-1 DSC_9967_edited-1 DSC_9956_edited-1 DSC_9830_edited-1Specially when Ciara even had no intention of getting her picture taken !

DSC_9813_edited-1 DSC_9818_edited-1

Or the puppies find more interesting things to play with !

Sometimes all I need is to see the picture ‘within’, and with a bit of cleaning up I get a fairly decent picture: here is the original, and the cleaned up version that you saw on the blog

Charlie move2 Charlie on the move_edited-1

And sometimes the first one is the one because .. they are gone in a flash!

Happy Easter ! _edited-2 Easter2 Easter3 Easter4 Let go check this outPepperSee you later alligator !

Visit Ciara’s Nursery for pictures of the puppies in their new homes !

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