Run Run !

What is really fun to watch are the puppies when they get to go outside.  In anticipation of their birthday tomorrow we did some pictures today while the boys just let their hair down. Enjoy !

“We want out !!!!” Pepper demanding to be let out while Charlie pleads !

PrisonnersFunny things happen too, look at the picture to see what Louie is up, or down, to !!

Where is Louie Stalled Snif Snif Snif 2 Run boo boo run Run ! Ready Set Go


Freedom to explore !

Pose! Pointing Pepper up Pepper stairs Pepper stack pepper snif


And run, and run, and run……


Pepper run Pepper run Pepper pensive Pepper flight Pepper & Michel One more time OMT with feelingsWe had a ball !!!

Need for speed Mom legs Here I come Go Pepper Go Charlie flight2 Charlie flight Charge! And run Fly to the moon


Needless to say that after all that playing outside they very pretty tired !

A tired pup is a happy pup !  ( May be it is the parents !!!)  They slept for the rest of the afternoon !



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