On the move !

This week marks the puppies sixth week birthday!  As you will see they are real little dogs, getting excited, showing preferences and voicing their discontent !

They now move things around, explore dark corners and play hard. They are fast and at times they successfully disappear for a second or two !

Can you see anyone in there ?

Where's Pepper

The boys are really fascinated by the puppies, I guess since they do not have to feed them and clean them, they retain some of the magic !  Here is Great Great Great Uncle Tempête visiting and brother Louie having a close up. The puppies had the opportunity to run loose with Mom and Louie, what a hoot that was!

Tempete visitLouie visit

They are now eating ‘regular’ dog food and enjoying it very much, but they still enjoy a little nursing when Mom lets them !

Chow time

They love getting out of the playpen, and you no longer have to show them where the door is or how to get out of it !

Here’s Pepper showing off his gait, enjoying a lace, and trying out the flooring.

Pepper runPeper love lacesPeper on the move

Charlie found the big dogs water bowl and is constantly on the move !

Grown upGo Charlie GoCharlie move

They also found some of the big dogs bones Yum Yum !Pepper chewGood chewClose upCharlie pensive

And we are off again !

Ch on the moveEager CharlieCharlie

At the end of it all, the best is still a good snooze in our beds !

In a deep sleep

See you later !

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