Busy week !

This has been a busy time! The puppies are maturing well and we were pleased that Topher’s owner came to visit with her friend, all the way from Colorado!

It was a busy time and we had fun grooming the puppies and evaluating them.  Several of the puppies left for their new homes; those remaining with us will be available starting in January.

Here are a few pictures of the last few days.

This was the puppies response to the Occupy movement !

It is always fun to catch all of them as you can tell Neon boy was leading the chorus !

The puppies also got to explore the great outdoors!

Playing Peek a Boo


On the Move









Ahh Outdoors.

And some posed for their Christmas picture with Mom


Mr Green now know as Brunson

And Ms Yellow now known as Sadie!













See you later !

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