Back on-line and growing !

The puppies are growing and granny has a new shiny knee!  Since granny is the photographer, webmaster and editor we have not posted since she went to get a brand new knee put in!  Photography is a rather physical occupation, so grandpa has stepped in to provide picts for this week’s post.  Enjoy !

Oh a new visitor !

………..We had to take the colorful tiles away until we get a bit more control on  our! bladders ! Playtime with grandpa is always an exciting moment!

After playing hard we also sleep deep, to the great enjoyment of our folks !

After hard play
























We also posed for the first time with some limited success !

Ms Yellow  







Ms. Orange  







Ms White  










Ms Red  







Ms Purple  







And Ms Pink  






This is yogurt on my mustache !


For the Boys:

Mr. Neon  







Mr. Navy  







Mr Blue  







Mr. Green  







See you later !

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