The Name Game

Every breeder has their own method of naming their litters, some use the alphabet, some use themes.   Sometimes the decision comes naturally!

For Ciara’s litter, I choose to use German Wine Grapes and try to match the names with the personalities of the puppies.

So here they are, using the color name their registered names and Call names.


Ms White,   Champagne PerlRiesling  known as Reese  Lives in Colorado with her Dad  at Rumor’s Standard Schnauzers


Reese is the pick female, thus the most popular German grape, she will be shown in the USA



Ms Red ,  Champagne Elbling for Isabella known as Isabella lives in Colorado , named after a lively and delicate grape.











Ms Yellow, Champagne Sadie says Pinot More known as Sadie lives in Newfoundland , her owners favorite grape!










Mr Neon, Champagne Dornfelder Troken  known as Bruno lives in Nova Scotia, named after the grape producing a deep dark red wine on account of his dark coat.






Mr Green, Champagne Brunson of Bacchus known as Brunson lives in Nova Scotia, named after a subtle gentle grape that reflected his personality.










Mr Light Blue , Champagne Silvaner for Fritz known as Fritz lives in Nova Scotia, named after a grape that bring substance while being delicate.










Ms Pink, Champagne Frau Muëller Thurgau known as Hanna will soon live in New Brunswick, named after the flowery grape reminiscent of roses









Ms Orange, Champagne Kerner for Frieda known as Frieda will live in New Jersey, delicate but lively




Ms Purple, Champagne Gewürtztraminer for Sofie known as Sofie … who is racy and spicy








Mr Navy , Champagne Ruländer Sweet Louie known as Louie …… Louie is really a sweet boy !










For now Sofie and Louie will stay with us and see what happens !



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