C'mon Bro lets play!

This week has seen the extraordinary change from newborn puppies growing to little schnauzers in the making.  First our eyes opened and we could see the world, then we could hear voices and noises.

During this week we also learned to do push ups on our forelegs and crawl/walk using our front legs, then all of a sudden we found we could bring in he rear and get up on all four.  Quite woobly at first but we are geting better at it every day !  We also discovered that when it is not working, we can go in reverse and push ourselves in a sitting position where we ‘restart’.

The latest discovery is that we can squat and piddle ! Mommy is still grooming us and we can now play with each other and with her.  Next week will be our big move out of the whelping box into our own accomodations; we will have lots of pictures next week end to display our new digs!

Here we are Transformed !

Ms. Pink did not get a lot of coverage last week so we are catching up !

Ms Pink and mom

 Here she is with Mom checking her out.

On the move !

 She found her legs

Here I am

And she will pose, we can attract her attention with funny noises.

A little rest ! Ms Pink and Bro Red playing

Ms Pink and Red Bro at play.

Mr Red doing push ups!

 Here is Mr. Red practicing his push ups. he is quite adept at it and first dicovered there was a reverse!

I am cute too !

 I might be athletic but I am cute too !

Mr Red on the go !

Those little legs are getting a lot of exercise!
Mr Blue did not give me a mug shot, he was too busy running around!

Mr Blue says "Let's go!"

Trotting along !

Mr Blue was very busy trying out those new found legs!

Wait, I've got to make a pit stop !

Mr Red trying out the new squat while playing with his brother, lots of laundry these days !

All this walking and playing is exhausting !

After a good play and a good meal we pass out until we start again !

See you next week in our new digs ( granny who takes the pictures will be busy Wednesday) Sorry for the delay in posting!
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