Hello World !

Today when I picked up the camera I was looking to show that with their eyes open, they are now exploring the world.  I caught this really funny expression of Lia seemingly asking ‘what do you want?

Oh! you want my picture!

Seconds later, she is posing with a big smile on her face !








I can see you !

Here is Mr. Blue posing and showing us his little schnauzer face.  In just a few days since their eyes started to open, their facial expressions have developed into real little schnauzers.

Hey guys ! Come check this out !

Mr. Red, not to be outdone is already exploring around.  Here he is climing on the edge of their den checking out the world outside.

What has also happened in the last few days is that everyone is doing fantastic at push ups and they are starting to get on their legs . A little woobly at the moment we will have more on this on Saturday.
Pink and Blue !

I could not get a real good shot of Ms. Pink today so I will double up on Saturday.  Here she is with brother Blue coming up to check out what brother Red has just seen !

Let’s Play !

Here is Mr Red  ready to play with his siblings !

It is real funny to see their little tails going.  We will try this again tomorrow but they looked like they were wagging their tails when we speak to them !
Good night !

It is exhausting to play like this !  after a good feed we just drop into a deep rest until we start again!

One day I will see them !

I could not finish tonight without posting a picture of Tempête waiting at the gate in case he could get a glimpse of those puppies.  Tempête and Breeze have been on a vigil since the puppies arrived.  Tempête lying down in front of the gate hoping for a glimpse and Breeze spinning and coming to get us to check on the puppies whenever they hear a sound from the nursery!

Mama Lia said I am not quite ready yet to let you see them !
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