Going to the beach !

 Mom took us to the Beach today for our Birthday picnic !


Here we are !  Did you notice how much bigger we are ! Ms. Pink has now quadruple her birth weight!  But her Bros are not wanting, they tipped the scale at 3 pounds this morning!

Too many Mai Tai !

Ms Pink overdid it at the picnic!

Brothers in arms!




The brothers making a duo appearance !


 Looks like they partied too much !

Here I am !

Here I am says Mr Blue,  and with my eyes open ! Mr. Blue has been avoiding giving us a face on mug shot but here he is this morning after their beach outing, forgetting his usual reserve !

Hello world !

Mr Red was the first one to open his eyes, and like his siblings, he is taking it all in !







The Princess

 Ms. Pink is featured this week showing off her little glossy nose and her Pepper and Salt  colouring coming through; her checks are getting lighter and she looks like she is wearing little leggings.

Sleepy Princess


Resting after the excitement


After the excitement of the morning both Lia and the little ones settled in for a nap !




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