Ice Cream Day !

This afternoon as I was thinking of a theme for today, I looked at Lia’s picture with the ‘kids’ lined up, it reminded me when as a family,  we went out for ice cream on Sunday night, all lined up at the counter checking the flavours !  The temperature dropped last night and it was nice and cool  today!!!

Ice cream parlor
I’m so full!
Mr Red
Mr Red is almost getting up on his legs, by the week end I would not be surprised to see them starting to ‘walk’ rather than crawl.  There is no mistaking him, in true schnauzer style, meal time is the best time !  He was caught after over indulging !

Mr Blue

Mr Blue is quite the athlete, here he is caught doing a high speed turn !  In no time at all we will have to add the half door to their den as they will start to crawl out to explore the rest of the room !  This morning for their daily weight in Mr. Blue almost escaped from the basket in which they get weighted !
Ms Pink

Ms Pink has disregarded her waistline the last few days, I was going to show her expanding waistline but I am afraid she might hold it against me when she is older !  she says look at this face ! Ain’t I cute ?

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