It’s our Birthday !

Birthday Bash !

The trio celebrated their one week birthday today by having a birthday bash with Mom ; here they are enjoying breakfast with Mom looking on.  It is funny to see their little tails go stiff as they as suckling.  Usually by this time they would have had their tails docked and we would not be able to notice the tail action as easily.  Having been born in Nova Scotia they will sport a natural tail.

Mr Blue is quite the relaxed boy! Never in a rush but getting there just the same.He enjoys his feedings in a sampler style , enjoying a variety along the way. A few grams shy of having double his birth weight, Mr Blue is taking it all in strides!  Here he is relaxing after their birthday bash!  Notice their sharp little nails, they will need to get trimmed for the first time today.

Mr Red

Mr Red, is all business and enjoys feeding with an unsurpassed passion! The array of happy noises he makes while feeding is quite entertaining!  Needless to say he very adequately double his birth weight ! He is also quite wiggly , to have a chance to capture this head shot I have had to wait until he was so full that he rolled of his mummy!

Ms Pink

 Here is Ms Pink, already showing a bit of character, she does not let her burly brothers take her favourite teat ! Having doubled her birth weight, she still looks dainty in her glossy coat!

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