We are 5 days old !

Day four line up !

Lia is very busy raising her new family.

They are quite active puppies, and I have not been able to line them up for a shot! As we put them on the blanket they all bunch up together!

Lia looking after her pups

Most of Lia’s time is spent  feeding and cleaning her puppies.  As the puppies systems are still immature, Lia must stimulate them to eliminate; she does so by licking them,  sometimes quite strongly!

Ms Pink

They will rest on their own from time to time and Lia will take advantage of their little naps to go out and take some air, just long enough for one of us to change her bedding!
Here is dainty Ms Pink , with my thumb showing to give an idea of her size.  On day 5 she has reached her brother’s birth weight of 392 gr( 13 oz)!
Mr Blue who was born at 390 gr ( 13 oz) is now 630 gr ( 21 oz)!
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