Lia ‘s new family !


Lia's new family

On July 16th, Lia delivered 3 puppies, 1 girl and 2 boys.  A few days before her due date, Lia visited her vet and found out that she was carrying very large puppies! So the decision was made to schedule a C Section on Saturday the 16th.  Lia and the babies came home a few hours later and started their new life together.  Here is Lia in her maternity room with the boys in red and blue and her little girl busy getting a good start in life.

Girl and red boy resting on blue boy !

To appreciate how big the boys are, the gilr born at 8 ounces is average size for the breed.  The boys came in at 13 ounces!  When they are born the babies are still a work in progress; their eyes are not open and they cannot hear, neither can they stand on their legs.  They crawl around finding mom by vibration and scent, of course Mom does not let wander out of her reach.  Lia will snuggle her puppies to maintain their body temperature as they cannot regulate their own temperature yet.

Lia is a very dedicated Mom leaving her pups only to go to the bathroom when we ask her  and returns promptly.  She has no interest outside her puppies and even give me the ‘eye’ when I take them out of her reach to weigh them; she toughroughly checks them when the are back  with her.

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