We are one month old !


Today is a big day, the puppies are one month old !  They are really little schnauzers, trotting around, playing with each other and with toys,  making noises ( lots of noises) and exploring the new big world.

They also moved from their accomodations in the spare bedroom to a ‘condo’ near the kitchen, where the action is.  They are now exposed to the older dogs in the household,  the coming and goings of a busy household.

Hello Granny !


Mr Red meets his granny Breeze!






Mr Blue is checking out the new toy

Mr Blue discovered a new toy today !







On the go !

 It is really funny to see that within the week they have become quite sturdy on their four and they are moving fast !

Got to go !

Mr Red just saw somthing that needs exploring  Right Now ! Got to go !

Ms Pink is having fun with her toy !

 Here is Ms Pink playing with her toy flea, squashing it!  She also has a pink Wubba !

Here is a sweet boy !

Have you seen my brother ?  He is just as sweet looking as me !

Mr Blue posing

Sometines Mr Blue stops long enough for me to capture the … more interesting view of him !
I will post more pictures in the next few days.   Enjoy!
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