The li’l men.

Today the two little men are three weeks old!  What a difference !

B'day pose

They can see, hear, move around on their four legs.  They even recognize my voice and have found a voice of their own !  Good morning


Here are some pictures taken this morning:

Almost posing

I was quick enough to almost get them posing side by side !

Peek-a-boo Hello

As they climbed Mount Ice Cream ( Mom) I caught them at the summit!





Ciara must be feeding them ice cream!  They are chunky little guys!


Climbing Mount Ice Cream Mount Ice Cream

Here they are during the climb !












Be careful Mom says !

Be Careful!Roaming around the bed with mom!  See the little tail wagging ?

On a stroll Not quickenoughA little motherly love

Mom Love and back to our comfort zone:

Our comfort zoneThe puppies had a big snooze after this !  See you next week !

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