Almost 2 weeks old !

I always like to document the puppies growing up on their weekly birthdays, but I had the chance to take some neat picts today, so here we are with a day short of our second birthday.

Getting big

Here we are with mom, did you noticed how much we have grown ! Ciara is a very attentive mom and she make sure that everyone is well groomed !

Trying to show you their little faces , I still have to hold them in my hand; the first one is the little dark guy and then the not so little lighter one.  Their birth weight and growing pattern at this stage is not indicative of their future size. Their is not doubt that these little guys are thriving !

Lil angel II Lil angel

They are starting to do push ups and soon they will be trotting along here is Mr Light showing off his cute little socks on his front paws:

Big strech

Her he is showing his cute little face !

here I come

Mr Dark, whose eyes are starting to open, is giving it a good try !

I see you II

I see you

Push upsHe also has those cute little socks on

Up and away

It is hard work getting our picture done !!

Sleepy headsSee you all later !

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