Have a good summer !

Summer has finally arrived !  While Lia and I were practicing for her Rally Obedience trial, we noticed these beautiful flowers in our woods.

There were Lady Slippers everywhere , as they do not last very long I quickly took a few snaps and while chasing them I also found these interesting ones

Lady Slippers

…and looking over the patch of blackberries, it promises to be a busy summer picking fruits!

Blackberries in the making



Here is Louie, the man in motion when the weather is not too hot enjoying his backyard.

The puppies have been busy on the show scene in the last month!

First Bruno cleaned up at his first show taking 3 majors, one under renown judge James Reynolds

Bruno winning a major

Sofie had strutted her stuff the week before and also took a major the same week end as Bruno

Sofie's first show

and finally Louie got his head together  and took both majors last week end !

Louie winning a major

This summer we will mostly compete with Lia doing Rally Obedience.  Check back for updates !
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