Photo Album

Our families regularly sends photos, here are a few of them.  Keep them coming !

Here is Reese, a Ciara and Topher daughter posing for her 6 month birthday picture!

Reese posing for her birthday


Finn as a baby

Finn a Lia and Seasar son, posing pretty in his scarf!















Oakley  (Lia X Seasar) posing with his best friend .

Oakley and his best friend


Louie wishing you a Happy Easter !

Happy Easter!



Snap, a Breeze and Bennie son on his morning walk

Snap on his morning walk


Freida (Ciara X Topher) showing  off her obedience training !

Freida doing a nice sit


Isabella (Ciara X Topher) relaxing at home.

Isabela in her home
















Reese at six months

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