The Year that was 2014

The year 2014 started with a lot of promise,  our beautiful Lia was bred  in January and we were excited to welcome puppies again !IMG_0810

I had also enrolled in classes in genetics and molecular biology, that took a lot of my time but it was really interesting!



In February, Louie came to a show in Halifax, he was hum.. a little non plussed about all the fuss 🙂






Towards the end of February, Lia did not feel well and we soon discover that a puppy had died and Lia miscarried her litter.  Poor Lia was devastated and so were we, the little hydrant clip on her bandage made us smile, but Lia took a long time to get over her loss.










Our friend Laurinda was going through treatment for Lymphoma all through last year and a group of her friends managed to do a few silent auctions at dog shows and also an online auction to help her.  I donated this fun quilt to be auctioned off..IMG_0866










In March we Celebrated St Patrick’s day and our little Irish Girl’s Birthday.Happy Birthday Ciara !

In April Louie obtained his Elite Championship and a third place group placement at the European style show in Truro !

Well done little man !IMG_0957


DSC00825 DSC00831




The Backyard was brimming with action the Eagles had nested in a pine nearby and we were over run with pheasants!

It was fun to watch the little eaglet take his first flight 😉


IMG_0929 IMG_0930Spring decided to show itself, just long enough for the crocuses to come to life!

And along with them, the deers now travelled right in front of the house!







DSC00892 IMG_1261Our favourite artist Michael Steddum wanted to paint our girl Ciara.

See the original and the painting !  Just fabulous 😉

So came June and I took a little vacation with my sister to visit her son who was apprenticing in a Michelin Star restaurant in the Burgundy region of France.DSC01491


This is Chez Greuze in Tournus; needless to say a most memorable evening , even more memorable as Alex, was in the kitchen! The food was, of course, unbelievable ! DSC01701








At the end of our trip, we spent a few days in Paris, I have tons of pictures of a rather ugly old metal tower that dominates the Paris skyline but I though you would enjoy these more! DSC01879 DSC02106

The Moulin Rouge, where you can take in a show and dinner, just like in the old days.  We stayed in Montmartre, which is a little village onto itself within Paris.




You can actually find a replica of this gargoyle in my curio…  the original sits a top of the Notre Dame Cathedrale.








We enjoyed summer and  fires in our schnauzer fire pit!  And then it was time to harvest and eat the tomatoes!

DSC02580In August I travelled to Ontario to take in the National Schnauzer Specialty, I took some nifty pictures !




DSC02661One of our friend got married in September, it was nice to be part of their very special day!




IMG_1143 IMG_1136 IMG_1131








We took a little vacation in the highlands where I got to really put my new knees to the test, or may be the scenery was such that I did not pay attention ?

We need to do more of this 😉




IMG_1218 IMG_1217






I decided to do a different type of quilt for a round robin project, where several people will contribute to my quilt.  This is my backyard with the pond, the eagle and the schnauzers.  I had fun trying many different techniques including free hand embroidering Louie !

IMG_1239And then it was Christmas time again …

and Charlie wishes you Happy New Year !Charlie_Dec2014




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