Dr. Temple Grandin


Tuesday was a really exciting day !  Luckily for me I live fairly close to the Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture campus, where Dr. Temple Grandin was giving a talk open to interested people.  My friend and I decided to leave early get a coffee and post ourselves at the door and catch up on the past week.  The weather was good (still) and she figured there might be a few people, we expected lost of students showing up.  When we arrived, the line was going around the building, with about 500 people waiting to go in  an hour and a half before the set time !  The university quickly set up satellite feeds in other locations,  and to a pack house we, lucky one to be in the same room as her, listened in awe.

Here I was, actually sitting right behind this legend while she was being introduced and too star struck to take my own picture!  Hence to cover of the next morning newspaper.

For anyone who does not know Dr. Temple Grandin ,  just Google her  and be prepared to spend a lot of time on your computer!!!   Dr. Temple Grandin is autistic, which she said enabled her to see things differently. After  writing numerous books and having a movie telling her story, she remains down to earth, no nonsense, enthusiastic and committed.

Temple Grandin book      At least I got myself together to have my book dedicated !

Check out this incredible woman !  Here is her talk at the Faculty of Agriculture .

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