Happy Birthday Breeze !

Today Breeze is 11 years old ! it is hard to believe she is 11.  She a few pictures of our girl over the years!

Here is baby Breeze , and Breeze the day she came home !  She was so little !!

Baby Breeze

Baby Breeze

1st  day home !

1st day home !











Our little Breeze did not take long in getting noticed; here is her first public picture!


At her first show, when she was 6 months to the day, she won puppy group and went on to win several others;

Breeze May 2003 PG

At her first show, she was 6 months to the day and won puppy group, it was an ominous start !

At 7 months she  won the Best puppy in Specialty:

Breeze BPS July 2003





Breeze BOB Nov2003





Breeze continued her claim to fame by winning the working group at the Atlantic Puppy Awards and then taking breed at the Montreal United Kennel Club show , all while she was still a puppy !

Breeze GR1 2004

Breeze&Lia Feb21 2005










Breeze continued to enjoy the show scene with several Group First the next year.

In 2005, Breeze gave birth to her first puppies, one of which was destined for a great career, here is likely the most viewed picture of Breeze and baby Lia at five weeks !



Breeze continued to compete and along with daughter Lia won Best Brace at the SSCC National  Specialty!

Breeze and Lia as a Brace at the Schnauzer National

Breeze still makes the occasional appearance as a veteran, but these days she is content to go on her daily walk and claim her spot on the pillow, tell us when meal time is and generally enjoying herself!

Breeze veteran






Happy Birthday Girly ! Breeze 11 y

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