Winter interlude and a travel schnauzer !

Winter has been elusive in these part for the last few years, so when it started to snow everybody enjoyed it !  Here is Louie and mom Ciara having a little romp in the snow !

Let it snow

Go Louie Go !

Louie snow

As elsewhere in the country, it got very cold; so cold that we broke records! Michel took Louie in the field and for the first time ever we were able to cross to the island in the middle of our pond.  Good thing I took a picture, with 16 C today, the snow ice and everything else is gone, so we have to start winter all over again !

On the island Schnauzer in carry on

We always knew that schnauzers are the near ideal companion, they travel well and take up nearly no space.  We never had the opportunity to test this, but Louie decided to give it a try this week !

Here is the carry on closed, you can see a little hair on the side

Portable schnauzer

Here is Louie all packed up and ready to go !

Louie suitcase

Can I stretch ?

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