The birthday boys and girls !

On October 7th, Ciara puppies were a year old check out what they did for their birthday !

Isabela ( Issy)  organized a birthday party and here they are planning the event, Issy also had a good joke that sent Reese in peals of laughter!

issy telleing her sister Reese a good joke !









Issy’s mom thought it was the perfect shot for their birthday banner !

Issy posing in front of her birthday banner





Reese posing after gaining her second major in California !

Relaxing after the show
















Frieda went to the spa for her birthday and she poses for her portrait

All relaxed after the spa treatment !


Hannah posed pretty in her little pink ribbon !

Giving us a nice smile !



In the garden

Fritz went on an excursion to the park!

Happy exploring !
















Bruno had a house full of guests! He posed after things got quieter !

Relaxing on the sofa !


Very relaxed !


Trying to show his serious side !!

And Sofie before she took a bite out of her birthday pumpkin !

Sofie pumpkin




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