We are growing up fast !

We have been busy ! Between the puppies growing up fast and demanding more hands on time and with families visiting, we have not had a chance to post new pictures.  So today lots of pictures, I will let you tell your own story !

Having a great time

I found a new toy !

Not too many hands to keep us from wandering

Venturing out

Having a rest

Puppies everywhere


MMM anything left ?


Hard day !

Pooped out !

Batteries ran out !

 It was a full day for the puppies , lots of fresh air, visitors and running wild !

Pile of pooped out puppies

The next day they posed for their first official pictures for the 5 weeks  attempt to stack them!

Red left stack


Red right stack

Blue left stack

Blue right stack

Blue front

Pink right stack

Pink left stack

Pink free stack



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