Ciara’s puppies ( Seasar)

In our new homes !

April 25, 2013

The puppies have gone to their new homes and are settled in.  Their mom and dad have sent pictures in their new surroundings:

Pepper claiming his chair around the fire pit !

Pepper 006

And Charlie going to the beach with mom and  his new ‘sister’


Thanks for the update and the pictures !

Going Home!

Posted on April 14, 2013 by Line

As I had mentioned before, time goes too fast with puppies, you have waited for the mom to come in season, have done the breeding, waited to see if we were pregnant and finally the day came when they were born.  From the moment you hold these little puppies they make you smile and they fill your day.  But then the wait continues for the families, first they get to see the pictures and then the moment comes when they can come and visit their little one , time is at a standstill!  And then the day comes when the families come to get their little man, it is a most happy day that most of us remember for a long long time ! For us, although we know they will be going, is a day of mixed feelings; you hope that you choose the right homes where the puppies will be happy and make people happy and you share in their joy when they finally take their precious little man home, but it leaves our house feeling empty, at least for a few days, as they were such a big part of our lives for the last two months.

Here is a few pictures we did for Charlie’s and Pepper’s going home books.



and Pepper with mom

Pepper & mom2

Pepper & Mom

and Charlie


Charlie with mom

Charlie & momCharlie & mom2

Join us next week for a fun look at the Bloopers !


 Run Run !

Posted on April 5, 2013 by Line

What is really fun to watch are the puppies when they get to go outside.  In anticipation of their birthday tomorrow we did some pictures today while the boys just let their hair down. Enjoy !

“We want out !!!!” Peper demanding to be let out while Charlie pleads !

PrisonnersFunny things happen too, look at the picture to see what Louie is up, or down, to !!

Where is LouieStalledSnif SnifSnif 2Run boo boo runRun !Ready Set Go


Freedom to explore !

Pose!PointingPepper upPepper stairsPepper stackpepper snif


And run, and run, and run……


Pepper runPepper runPepper pensivePepper flightPepper & MichelOne more timeOMT with feelingsWe had a ball !!!

Need for speedMomlegsHere I comeGo Pepper GoCharlie flight2Charlie flightCharge!And runFly to the moon


Needless to say that after all that playing outside they very pretty tired !

A tired pup is a happy pup !  ( May be it is the parents !!!)  They slept for the rest of the afternoon !


 April 3, 2013

Happy easter !

Well here we had Easter bunnies disguised as schnauzer puppies, as they pose in their little Easter basket.

As you can see, it did not last long, there were way too many interesting things to check out!

Happy Easter !

Here we come ! Let go check this out

The puppies have been exploring the yard for a few days, but they never tire of it.  Too many exciting things to see and find, including carrying sticks, chasing dead leaves and searching the dead grass for what lays under !

Ring around the legs

Playing, ring around the legs, hopping and running wild!

Here is Charlie and Pepper , going at it with gusto !

Run Charlie run Yahooo

Pepper run ! Pepper on the move Charlie on the move

They like to carry whatever they can find, even things bigger than they are !

There are few contemplative moments and I have to be quick on the shutter button to capture them !

Checking things out Charlie Who's there


Even our little men have to stop for necessities !!

Hopefully we will get some more nice days soon  to do more pictures !

 On the move !

March 30, 2013

This week marks the puppies sixth week birthday!  As you will see they are real little dogs, getting excited, showing preferences and voicing their discontent !

They now move things around, explore dark corners and play hard. They are fast and at times they successfully disappear for a second or two !

Can you see anyone in there ? ( hint at the end of today’s post)

Where's Pepper

The boys are really fascinated by the puppies, I guess since they do not have to feed them and clean them, they retain some of the magic !  Here is Great Great Great Uncle Tempête visiting and brother Louie having a close up. The puppies had the opportunity to run loose with Mom and Louie, what a hoot that was!

Tempete visit Louie visit

They are now eating ‘regular’ dog food and enjoying it very much, but they still enjoy a little nursing when Mom lets them !

Chow time

They love getting out of the playpen, and you no longer have to show them where the door is or how to get out of it !

Here’s Pepper showing off his gait, enjoying a lace, and trying out the flooring.

Pepper run Peper love laces Peper on the move

Charlie found the big dogs water bowl and is constantly on the move !

Grown up Go Charlie Go Charlie move

They also found some of the big dogs bones Yum Yum !Pepper chew Good chew Close up Charlie pensive

And we are off again !

Ch on the move Eager Charlie Charlie

At the end of it all, the best is still a good snooze in our beds !

In a deep sleep

See you later !

Growing Too Fast !

Part of the process in raising puppies is that you know they are with you for just a little time, those 8 weeks go so fast !  On the other side, for the families anxiously waiting their new arrival, time cannot go fast enough !

This week the puppies are 5 weeks old, they are eating regular food – mind you doctored a bit; they still love mom’s visits but they are getting curious and want to explore the great outdoors.  It is a bit cold today but as soon as temperature permits we will be out, in the meantime there is lots to explore indoors.

They posed for their mug shots, here are a few takes to enjoy !

Charle and Pepper
Charlie and Pepper

Mr Pepper who had not been forthcoming in giving us head shots has taken to giving us lots this week.

Mr Pepper
Mr Pepper



Mr Pepper
Mr Pepper

Little Charlie is too busy too look at the camera a lot !

Mr Charlie
Mr Charlie

Free to explore !

Let's go !
Let’s go !

Pepper going all out

Pepper on the move
Pepper on the move

Charlie playing the great escape

The great escape
The great escape

Charlie looks as if he cannot remember how he got out !

How do I get in ?
How do I get in ?


What's that


At play

All kinds of new things to play with.

Curious Charlie says ” See you next week “!

See you next week !
See you next week !

 Happy Birthday mom !

Today is mom’s birthday on St Patrick Day and it was our 4 th week birthday yesterday !

Happy St Patrick's day and my birthday !

Happy St Patrick’s day and my birthday !



We celebrated with cuddles and a visit to our new accommodations !

Mr Light giving us a profile

Mr Light Birthday 4

and Mr Dark with his soulful look !

Mr Dark birtday 4

 We had a ball cuddling

Light cuddle Dark hold Mr Light cuddle Mr Dark talk

 and running around in the house

Mr Light slippery

A little slippery on the floor

Dark cute

Do I pose right !

Men in motion

Men in motion !


 and exploring our new play area and having a visit from the big dogs !

Mom checking in on Tempête seing the puppies up close!

Mom checking in on Tempête seeing the puppies up close!

Hi granny

Hi granny, what’s that in your hands ?

Here we come

Here we come

New digs

Exploring our new digs !

Mr Dark signing the blues

Mr Dark signing the blues


 Granny also had a birthday snack our first non-mom meal, yum yum !

Sooo Good Slurp Slurp I'll have some more

 All of this was very tiring !

Snooze ready

 After the party we had a good sleep !

See you later !


The li’l men.

Posted on March 9, 2013 by Line

Today the two little men are three weeks old!  What a difference !

B'day pose

They can see, hear, move around on their four legs.  They even recognize my voice and have found a voice of their own !  Good morning


Here are some pictures taken this morning:

Almost posing

I was quick enough to almost get them posing side by side !


As they climbed Mount Ice Cream ( Mom) I caught them at the summit!

Ciara must be feeding them ice cream!  They are chunky little guys!

Climbing Mount Ice CreamMount Ice Cream

Here they are during the climb !

Be careful Mom says !

Be Careful!Roaming around the bed with mom!  See the little tail wagging ?

On a strollNot quickenoughA little motherly love

Mom Loveand back to our comfort zone:

Our comfort zone

The puppies had a big snooze after this !  See you next week !


Almost 2 weeks old !

Posted on March 1, 2013 by Line

I always like to document the puppies growing up on their weekly birthdays, but I had the chance to take some neat picts today, so here we are with a day short of our second birthday.

Getting big

Here we are with mom, did you noticed how much we have grown ! Ciara is a very attentive mom and she make sure that everyone is well groomed !

Trying to show you their little faces , I still have to hold them in my hand; the first one is the little dark guy and then the not so little lighter one.  Their birth weight and growing pattern at this stage is not indicative of their future size. Their is not doubt that these little guys are thriving !

Lil angel IILil angel

They are starting to do push ups and soon they will be trotting along here is Mr Light showing off his cute little socks on his front paws:

Big strech

Her he is showing his cute little face !

here I come

Mr Dark, whose eyes are starting to open, is giving it a good try !

I see you II

I see you

Push upsHe also has those cute little socks on

Up and away

It is hard work getting our picture done !!

Sleepy headsSee you all later !

February 23, 2013


They are a week old already ! Here is Mr Dark and Mr Light

Mr Light W1 Mr Dark W1

I finally caught them on a full tummy so I could catch them ! They have been growing fast tipping the scale at 2 pound already!

Their eyes are not open yet neither can they hear but it will not be long! To celebrate their birthday they had their first nail clipping, Mom Ciara appreciate as they use these little paw to hang on to mom while feeding.


Small DarkDespite the fact that they are big puppies, here is a chance to see how they measure up in my hand








Ciara gave birth to two beautiful puppies on February 16th.

Welcome to my nursery !


Mom Ciara  CH Dinsdale Champagne N Diamonds

Ciara flowers












Proud daddy is AM CH Scarlight’s Seasar TD, NA

Posing for a show picture and with some of his sons.

Seasar Show Seasar Puppy

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